Pepper is a 5 year old chihuhua that was dropped off at the shelter by his owner.  He was thin and sickly so Paradise for Pets rescue offered to save him.  He has spent his whole life essentially starving because of a malformed bile duct.  This means that no matter how much food he eats, no nutrition actually passes through his body.  This has resulted in him being malnourished since birth.  We have spent over $800 in tests determining that we CAN fix him and get him better!  He needs a specialist to come in and essentially replace a bile duct in Peppers liver.  The surgery alone is $1230 and that does not include any of the other required post op stuff that will be needed.  
Pepper IS SO YOUNG! He has so much love to give and deserves to LIVE!  Without this surgery he will basically suffer and will die slowly.  We want to make sure that Pepper has a great life!  Please consider donating for Pepper's care.  Your donations are tax deductible!  We can save him!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!