Dixie has now finally found the best family for her. She has been adopted by Jeff and Dan and their cocker spaniel and she is fitting right in! Congrats to all of them! We are so happy.

Another happy ending!! Magic has been adopted by the Strickland family. He is so lucky to have another dog, kids, and a big fenced in yard to run and play! Yay for Magic!!

This is a picture of our Bailey with his new mom, Desirae. She sent us this picture updating us on Bailey and how much they love him. They took him out to House of Beer and he tried sitting in her lap the whole time. He knows how lucky he is to have found them! Rescue dogs are the best!!! Yay for Bailey, Desirae and Dan!!

Baxter is adopted!! He has found his new home and will be living life like he so deserves with Edmund and his wife Florence....congrats Baxter!!

Benji got adopted by Mary and her husband Griff who just lost their beloved Sammy, they decide to adopt in honor of their beloved Sammy who lived 14 beautiful years with his family! Thank you Mary and Griff to adopted Benji !

Buster has found his furever home. He was adopted today by a wonderful family and we couldn't be happier for him. Congrats to Buster and Happy Birthday to Destiny!

Vickey has fallen into the trap as so many of us have.... We found Cali at animal control after her owner passed away and they had labeled her as "people aggressive". We fell in love with her and felt she deserved a chance. By the time we left that day she was kissing our faces...Vickey wanted to help us and offered to foster Cali...that was all it took and now Cali is never leaving her home. She has been ADOPTED!! Congrats to Vickey, Abbey, and Mike and Cali! We thank you.

Chewy is adopted!! Sarah is a High School Teacher, she was looking for long time the perfect dog, finally she meet Chewy our very especial boy who is almost blind but very lovely, so she  decides to adopt him and now his is melting in his new mom's arms! Sarah send this to us: I have loved him even more because of it!! My whole family loves him and so do all the kids! He is just perfect. Another very happy ending.

Chico is adopted!! He went home with Pedro and Alicia and their two boys. He will be their only fur baby in the house and is going to get all the attention in the world! Thank you to them and congrats!!

Today was a wonderful day for our sweet sweet Dollie who came to us after she had her 6 puppies outside and her owners did not want that responsibility. We took her and her babies in and they all did so well and today Dollie went home with Gail to her forever home. She is one lucky girl! I cried when she left because I loved her so much but she couldn't have gotten a better home! Happy Birthday Gail and congratulations to Dollie!!! :))

Finn has been adopted by the Dudek family!! Yay for Finn! We are so happy for this sweet boy who will now get the life he has so deserved! Congrats

Remember Gracie who was adopted from us at the end of January? Here is an updated picture from her family. They love her! They started out as her foster family and ended up adopting. Yay for Gracie.

Jessie went to her forever home this with Adriana, Thomas and their silky terrier, Walker. So happy for her after all she has been through!!

Kahlua was adopted! She is going to have the best life with Debbie and her dog Puddy. It really makes us happy to see this girl find such a perfect home!! She deserves the best! Congrats!!

Lila  left for her new home with Patricia and Mike. She has a new furry brother named Sammy. Congrats to all of them! :))

Lilly  has found her forever home! Lilly was adopted today by Ana and Milton and is going to be loved more than she can imagine! Thank you!

Max has found his furever home with Wesley and his son Cameron. :) Congrats

Paddycake is adopted!! This is her new mom, Billie and her new sister Misty! Congratulations!!! Yay for Paddycake!!

We started out with an emotional morning at animal control and ended it in a wonderful way with our 2 senior poodles getting adopted together. Thank you Pam for adopting them together. You have made our hearts happy and know those poodles will live the rest of their life safe and loved!! This is one story that makes everything about rescue totally worth every second of it!

Here is Penelope (formerly Teeny) with her new parents, Marc and Heather!!

Pepper is adopted!!! She is one lucky puppy to be adopted by John, Dawn, AJ, Owen, Jordon, and Nathan!! Thank you and congrats!

Congrats Rocky!!

Big adoption alert!!! Our dear, sweet Rosé who has been with us a long time has finally found her forever home. Rebecca, Michael and their daughter Jamie met her and took her right home. She is doing great! Her new name is Daisy and she has 3 furry friends, Rosie, Logan and Monty...we thank her foster mom, Maureen for taking such good care of her until she found this family! We love you little Rosé and are so happy for you!!

Foster Failure!! Scoobie has found his new home with his foster mom, Rachael. They bonded right away and he is best buds already with his new brother. His new name is George. :)

Shadow is adopted by Katie and Wesley and their little boy. He will miss his foster mom but so happy to be in a home that he can call his own!! Congrats Shadow

Sweet Stanley went home with Karli, George and their two boys Matthew and George this evening. He is even going to have a furry brother named Barry! A happy ending to a very busy week for us! Congrats!!

STARLA was adopted by Rachel and her family and we are so happy for her!!

Tebow was adopted today by a great couple. He is going to have a furry big brother to grow up with and play with. Yay Tebow!

Terri was adopted today and went home to live with Sue and her family and we are so happy for her. Congrats!!

Tiny and Mocha have been adopted together!!!! Thank you so much for adopting these two sister togther.

Toby found his happy ever after with Jason and Emily:) He is such happy boy that loves to go fioor a run with his family.

Chris waited awhile for him and today Brownie went home with her forever! It was a bittersweet moment for our dear Brownie...congrats to both of you!!

Cody went to his Forever home today with Tracey and her family. Tracey was looking for a perfect match for about a year. She came with her daughter and her four leg brother to meet Cody and they all got along very well, so they decided that he was the perfect dog to add to her family, Congratulation to Tracey and her Family!

Kira has found her forever home with Jenny and Nick. She is going home to 2 chihuahua's and a Husky puppy that are waiting for her.

Our little guy, Milo has been adopted by Chris and Terry, They lost their dog last yaer and finally decided they were ready to add a new furry family member. It was a  love at first sight for them when they met Milo. It makes our hearts happy to see him go to his new home!

Our sweet little Olivia went home with Ron and Katherine, She will be the only princess in the house so will be given lots of attention to her.

Oscar is home! Ashley always wants to add another Four leg to her family! long time ago Ashley was talking to her Mother and told her if she gets another dog she will name the dog Oscar. One day the foster sister was walking with Oscar and Ashley parents saw him and stop to pet him, Jasmin(foster sister) told them his name was oscar and he is for adoption, the next day Ashley came to meet him and she decided that he was the perfect dog and she wants to adopt him! A lot of coincidence, foster sister and the new mom leaves in the same neighborwood! Now Oscar have a forever family and two furry brother! We are so happy for Oscar and his new family, Oscar is a very especial boy!!!

Walker has found his forever home with Vicky and Steve! Vicky lost her beloved dog  a couple months ago, Vicky really missed that waging tail and kisses in her family, It took her a couple months to be ready to add her new furry friend, She decided was time to add another one and when  Vicky met Walker she knew he wa sthe one for her. Walker left foster care(we will miss him) and got right in the car to go on a vacation trip to South Carolina with Vicky and her sister, and Sister's four dogs. Congrats!

Sparkey went to his forever home today with Robin, David and Matthew where he will be the only furry one in the home besides two Parakeets. He is finnaly going to get the attention and love he has always deserved after living the first part of his life being used by a backyard breeder. We are so happy for you Saprkey!!

Charlene was adopted by Rachel and her family and she is doing great! She is loving running in their yard watching the squirrels run up the trees. She has a friend, a 7 year old boy who is her new brother. Before long we are betting they will be inseparable and best friends!! Congrats to Charlene AND her new family!

Our sweet, big girl Daisey was adopted today by Shannon and her two boys, Nick and Connor. She is going to be the only furry member of the family so will get all the attention she has always loved by the boys. She will have a pool to swim in and they already have plans to take her to the beach for the weekend. Nick and Connor told Shannon that Daisey is the perfect dog for them and were already trying to decide who got to sleep with her first! A very happy ending for Daisey!:))

 Our cutie little Freckles was rescued from back yard breeder , when we got him he was super shy, afraid of everyone, it took long for him to trust people and learn how is to be loved. His Foster sister Jasmin change his life, he was sleeping with her in her bed and he learn to love her, Finally Freckles went home with Barbara and her daughter Megan a very especial Family. He has one furry brother named Toby and we have been updated that he is doing great! He was a special boy and so glad he is happy!

 Griffin was a very popular boy who had lots of inquiries but Judie was first in line and she wasn't going to let him go! She drove from St. Pete to meet him at our adoption event and loved him the minute she met him. She updated us and said he is making friends with her cat and things are going well. Congrats to Griffin and Judie!!

Hannah has found her forever home with Frank. We saved her just in time from a very high kill shelter where she was in a dark kennel in the corner and didn't stand a chance of being seen. She literally was on her last hour when we looked at each other and knew we had to take her. She is now living the life, just her and Frank and he is taking her on hikes and everywhere with him. We are very happy for you Hannah!! Stories like this one make it all worth it!

 Our lil guy Jack has found his new home. Linette's son Caleb was dogsitting last week for the first time and absolutely loved it. They decided to look for a furry friend for Caleb and found Jack and when they met they knew he was theirs. This sweet boy came to us when his owner passed away and it has taken some time but we feel he is now in a home that was meant for him. Yay for Jack! Thank you to Linette and Caleb!

Juno has found his forever family with Erin and Mark. He is their only furbaby so going to get all the love and attention he has always dreamed of and so deserves!! Yay Juno

LANA has been adopted!! All our dogs are special but this adoption is a special one. Lana was dumped by her owner at a high kill shelter and we saved her on what would have been her last day. After being in foster care for over a month the day came where Lana met Michael and Bernadette and that was it. They fell in love with her energetic, sweet personality and finally LANA went home!! Yay for Lana and special thanks to all those involved in saving, fostering and finding her forever home.

 Nikko went to his forever home today! He was adopted by Angela and her 3 children. He absolutely loves attention and boy will he get it with them. Congrats to Nikko and his new family!!

Oreo has been adopted! It only took a few minutes before James knew Oreo was the one for him! He jumped on up into his lap and off they went! Oreo is in his forever home now and happy as ever!

! This weekend Linda came to meet Pearl. She had seen her picture and called us immediately wanting to meet her. She submitted her application and after approving it Linda was on her way here from Merritt Island to meet her. Pearl got right in her lap and that was it! Linda knew she had been right about her and off they went. She is settled in to her new home and doing great!!:))

Sweetie was adopted by Cathy who had lost her Pekingese recently and fell in love with her picture when she first saw it. Once she met Sweetie she knew it was a good match so Sweetie went home with Cathy! Congrats to bothAdoption Alert!!!

! Our little Ruby has been adopted! Tracey came to meet one of our other dogs but it wasn't the best match for her so I introduced her to Ruby whom I thought was more what she wanted and sure enough she was! Ruby has been with me for almost two months and what a wonderful dog she is and this was soooo hard for me to say goodbye but I know this is the best place for Ruby. She is going to be spoiled rotten with more attention than she can imagine. I'm so happy for her and thankful for Tracey. Ruby will forever hold a place in my heart.

!!! Our Sandy, who has been with us a long time, finally went to her forever home today! Allan and Phyllis recently lost their 14 year old Cockapoo and really miss having him around so when they saw Sandy's picture they had to meet her. When they did there was no doubt, they were taking her home! Sandy is going to be the only fur baby and her dad is retired so home a lot! We couldn't have found a better family for Sandy and today our hearts are very happy!!

Our beautiful girl, Sasha, went to her forever home yesterday with Judy and Julio. They contacted us and told us they are so happy with her and she is doing great so far. Congrats to Sasha!

This is a special one to us because this little girl was adopted by one of our fosters! Sierra isn't going anywhere! She is adopted by her foster mom, Shantalla and her fiancé. She will be spoiled rotten forever now being the only pet in the house. Thank you Shantalla for adopting her! Congrats!! — with Shantala Boss Dubé and Shantala Boss!

Sophie went home today with Rebecca and her family. She is going to have lots of kids to play with and give her all the attention she deserves. She even has a huge yard to run in. We think they are a perfect match!